Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Original D&D Available To Own Digitally

Truly the end times are upon us...

So much greatness in such a small package.

...because Wizards of the Coast has made the original Dungeons & Dragons rules available to purchase as a PDF on Yes for $9.99 you can actually, legally, own a digital copy of the game that started it all.

You'll get 4 different files with your purchase: Book I: Men & Magic, Book II: Monsters & Treasure, Book III: The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures, and finally one for the reference sheets. This is the digital version of the Premium Edition WotC released in 2013. Unfortunately this means we are provided with the updated cover art WotC decided to include with their version. Most importantly though the interiors are the same as the originals, and the rules have not been altered.

Also check out the product history by Shannon Applecline. I always read those even for the digital D&D products I have no interest in as there's usually a fun tidbit or two.

So hit up the link and get to playing the oldest of old-school roleplaying games. Before the impending apocalypse that is.

They try to trick you by showing the old school art.

Buy the original D&D rules on DriveThruRPG now!